Solar Panel Slim & Light USB Charger

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-Color: black with white

-Size: approx. 26x14x0.3 cm / 10.24x5.51x0.12 "-

Power: 10 W (max.)

- Solar output: 6 V 1700mA -

Voltage regulator tube output: 5 V 1200mA

-USB regulated output: 5 V 1200 mAh

- Output: USB 5 V 1200 mAh

- Solar open circuit voltage: 6.8 V (max.)

- Solar short circuit current: 1700 mA (max.)

Features: -

- Strong Durable Construction

- Portable design and suitable frame for travel, camping, riding and any outdoor activity.

- Standard USB output for mobile phone and other portable digital devices.

-Solar Energy and efficient solar charger circuit.

-The ultra-thin design makes it very easy to carry.

- Mono-crystalline silicon solar cells and epoxy resin surface seal.

-It comes with four suction cups, convenient for use.