Sun-proof And Heat-insulating Window Screen For Car Sunshade

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1. Our curtains can block 80% of ultraviolet rays, significantly reducing the sun's damage to the skin of babies or children.
2. Do you want your car to enjoy the enhanced protection, privacy and extremely low interior temperature that the window color can provide?
3. This car sun shade is made of flexible and elastic mesh material, which helps to block the sun, keep your children safer, and make your car cooler.
4. This hue will not damage the paint or interior of your car.
5. Long-lasting and durable, the lightweight fabric only needs to be pulled down the door.
6. Your children will be protected, and you will enjoy a cooler cabin temperature, greater privacy and a clean appearance.

1. Cover the entire window and provide 80% UV protection.
2. Prevent damage and marks on the door glass!
3. Improve the airflow in the car!
4. Calories reduced by 40%

Suitable for all cars because it is a stretched material and can be adjusted manually.
Insulation rate: 20%-40%
UV blocking rate: 80%
Durable, high-quality mesh.
Windows can easily scroll down
No complicated hooks or clips are required, and installation is easy.
After installing the sunshade, the door can be opened and closed normally.
You can see from the inside to the outside, the scenery is unobstructed

Product information:
Material: nylon mesh
Type: Sunshade
Size: rear file
Product: Car sunshade

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